Anything that
can go wrong,
will go wrong.

A failure to plan
is a plan to fail.

Opportunity always
knocks at the least
opportune moment.

Left to themselves,
things tend to go
from bad to worse.

The road to
success is
always under

Murphy's Law #1 Murphy's Law #2 Murphy's Law #8 Murphy's Law #21 Murphy's Law #11

Only Murphy Financial Advice
can deal with Murphy’s Law.

What we do.

Despite our name, we didn’t write Murphy’s Law or the spate of sequels it’s spawned. But for the last quarter of a century in business as financial planners, risk managers and trusted personal advisors, we have certainly seen the complete spectrum of problems attributable to either bad luck or bad judgment. We’ve even experienced – and learned from – many ourselves. That’s why no matter where you are in life, we’re here to help you plan a safe course towards financial security, long life and contentment.

Only Murphy Financial Advice can deal with Murphy’s Law.

Some people never make plans. Others make plans that rely on everything going exactly to order. At Murphy Financial Advice, however, we make plans that prepare you for just about any eventuality. That means combining investment with insurance: one to build and one to defend. To get that mix right, we need to ask you a lot of questions. Then, we listen.

Based on what we hear, we can build a unique financial plan from the following list of available services that will build your wealth and deliver the life you want, whilst protecting you along the way with a set of contingencies to deal with all the problems Murphy’s Law will throw at you. It might even help you sleep at night.

Our expertise includes:
· personal and corporate superannuation
· self-managed super funds
· allocated pensions and annuities
· wealth accumulation
· savings plans
· tax-effective investment selection and management
· borrowing to invest (‘gearing’)
· social security entitlements
· estate planning
· retirement planning
· redundancies and change of employment
· succession planning
· life insurance
· business insurance
· income protection and
· trauma insurance.

If you need further help, we can also refer you to trusted associates for specialist advice in financial, actuarial, accounting, legal, direct investment and business planning matters.

Who we are.

There’s a very good reason why you won’t find a Murphy at Murphy Financial Advice. It’s because the man who started this business a quarter of a century ago, Michael Murphy, sadly passed away on 11 June 2012. Even though he left us early and unexpectedly, Murph also left an enormous legacy. Not only had he mentored his successors and made sure this business was in excellent shape, he’d also provided for his family ready for just such an event.

So, when we ‘talk the talk’ about insurance and succession planning and we sound like we really know what we’re on about, it’s because we’ve actually ‘walked the walk’ ourselves.

Our people.

Darren Furst

Darren Furst

Our principled principal is Darren Furst, who holds a Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning), an Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning and an authority to provide advice in Self-Managed Superannuation Fund and margin lending. He joined the firm in 2001 with Michael Murphy as his mentor. What made him Murph’s obvious successor was their shared attitude of putting people first. That’s why today, on top of overseeing the company, he still works with his clients. Darren will always keep you up to date with your financial position and strive to ensure you have adequate protection to provide for your family, should Murphy’s Law strike. But he also insists on keeping himself up to date by undertaking professional development each year, and regularly attending investment briefings and strategic updates. When time permits, he’ll complete a Masters of Finance or MBA. Little wonder Darren’s opinion is often sought at national conferences and by Government, especially regarding industry reforms. He strongly believes that financial planning is absolutely fundamental to securing your life.

Nella Grida

Nella Grida

A seasoned professional, Nella started in this industry in 1996. Accordingly, she needs a large wall for all her certificates. Let’s see: not only does she hold the internationally recognised Certified Financial Planner qualification from the Financial Planning Association of Australia, she has a Diploma of Financial Markets (Stockbroking) from the Securities Institute of Australia and is a member of the Beddoes Institute Most Trusted Advisers network. Furthermore, as a member of the Association of Financial Advisers’ Inspire Committee, Nella is working to help other women step up to leadership positions and achieve their full potential. With all her life and industry experience to draw on, Nella offers great insight, no matter whether you’re a young couple starting out or pre-retirees looking to grow your superannuation leading up to retirement. Not only will she work hard to protect your hard-earned dollars; she’ll help you find them some friends. What we love about Nella is that she’s very good at explaining complex issues and then patiently guiding her clients through her practical and individualised recommendations. You won’t find anyone more dedicated to helping you achieve your goals, both personal and financial, while striking a healthy work/life balance. Speaking of which, on the weekends, Nella loves time with her family and friends, whether it’s cooking up a feast for them at home, or getting away with them for some serious R&R at the beach or the river.

Cassandra Sorby-Adams

Cassandra Sorby-Adams

Cassandra came to us from DMA Financial Strategists, where she advanced her knowledge through the roles of senior para-planner, risk manager and, latterly, adviser. A lady of letters, she has her Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning), is soon (at the time of writing) to complete her Advanced Diploma of Financial Services and is also a member of the Association of Financial Advisers. Throughout her career, Cassandra has gained a broad range of experience and has dedicated herself to helping her clients achieve their personal and financial goals. One of Cassandra’s particular penchants is risk insurance: she takes great satisfaction in ensuring her client’s wealth is protected no matter what life may throw at them. In Cassandra’s spare time, she loves nothing more than to entertain family and friends. Having spent many years running restaurants in both Australia and Europe, she loves to cook and is quite a wine buff. So, you can safely predict there’s no shortage of people waiting eagerly for an invitation.

Kelly Bridge

Kelly Bridge

Kelly joined us in 2013, bringing a decade’s experience in financial planning along with a Bachelor of Arts and an Advanced Diploma of Financial Services (Financial Planning). A member of the Association of Financial Advisers, in 2010 she was awarded its Excellence in Education award for SA. As a senior para-planner, Kelly’s role is to coordinate all the different components that go into preparing and administering your financial plan, incorporating technical, research and compliance support for the advising team. She prides herself in providing the highest level of professional conduct, ethics and client service. Kelly’s goal is to ensure you receive the best possible advice for your personal and financial situation, in order to help you reach your goal of financial freedom. After hours, Kelly keeps busy helping her husband restore their 1880s stone cottage and spending any time left over with family and friends.

Meagan Furst

Meagan Furst

Meagan first got a taste for our industry in 2002, although she was studying for a different career at UniSA at the time. After enjoying the contact with people and witnessing how much they could gain from good advice in retirement planning, especially, she switched her studies and became a financial planner herself. After five years, the small practice Meagan had joined then merged with a larger firm in the AXA network, where she became a highly valued advisor. Here, Meagan was responsible for a select group of wealth accumulators and retirees. She only relinquished this position when the stork paid a visit with her first son, Nicholas, joined a little later by son number two, Thomas. In 2014, Meagan was ready once again to swap diapers for diagnostic charts, re-joining the workforce with Murphy Financial Advice as a para-planner, and adding considerably to our capabilities.

Jessica McIvor

Jessica McIvor

Jessica joined Murphy Financial Advice in January 2014 as Darren’s life support system. Already well experienced in administration and with a Certificate 4 in Frontline Management, she excels in customer service, ensuring Darren never misses an appointment and his clients are always attended to. Appropriately, Jessica is very well organised and goal-oriented. Indeed, one of her goals is to further her education into management within the financial industry, and consequently, now performs practice manager duties. Her hobbies are volunteering, cooking, event planning and socialising with family and friends.

Kaye Furst

Kaye Furst

Kaye joined us in 2005 to master the administration and accounts but it’s far from her first taste of the industry. Straight after school, she commenced with Lumley’s claims department and has since been involved in insurance and financial planning for over 30 years. A vital member of our team, Kaye is a great organiser, who always ensures things are exactly where they need to be. Accordingly, she is responsible for our group insurance plans and diligently manages all the processes including reviews, underwriting and claims. Kaye is meticulous, reliable and you’ll find she’s prompt to reply to any enquiry you might have.

Michael Goco

Michael Goco

If you ever have a problem or question and you don’t know where to turn, Mr Goco is your go-to man: Michael is our Client Services Manager, striving tirelessly to make sure your experience with us is not only profitable but enjoyable. And if he sounds like he knows what he’s talking about, it’s probably because he does. Michael not only holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Asia and the Pacific, before he joined us in August 2016, he’d already amassed over 15 years of experience in equities, banking, asset management and financial services from working with DMA Financial Strategists, News Corp, Westpac and ING Investment Management. We’re very pleased he’s now added Murphy Financial Advice to that esteemed line-up.

Mandy Oborn

Mandy Oborn

One of the first people you’ll speak to when you call our office is Mandy Oborn. That not only makes her important to us but to you as well. And every report we get from our clients praises Mandy for her outstanding customer service. You certainly can’t fault her knowledge, either: she’s worked in a variety of roles in financial services for more than 20 years. Here at Murphy Financial Advice, Mandy will help you with your insurance applications, whilst also liaising with our fund managers and assisting our advisers and the para-planning team. After hours, Mandy loves spending time with her family, reading, cooking and helping at her local football club. No wonder she’s such a great team player.

Andrew Doquile

Andrew Doquile

Andrew is the Principal of The Advice Exchange, which is the Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) in which Murphys operates under. As part of this role Andrew also provides strategic planning advice for Murphys and its clients. Andrew has had exposure to many industries over his professional journey, but specialises in Financial Advisory firms & financial planning outcomes for clients. He is an extremely dynamic thinker and problem solver when it comes to business development, succession planning and wealth accumulation strategies. Andrew has been involved with Murphys since 2008, he helped plan the successful transition from Michael to Darren and is a constant sounding board for Darren to ensure the vision of Murphys and its client first approach is maintained. Andrew is constantly questioning the status quo and challenging the firm to improve in all aspects. Andrew holds a B.Com, Grad Dip Accounting and Economics, M.B.A and Diploma of Financial Planning.

Risk insurance.

Obviously, we all hope that nothing will go wrong with our health, our property or our careers, but as Murphy’s Law says, if anything can go wrong, it will. Moreover, when it does, it’s always when you least expect it. And if several things can go wrong, the one that will is the one that will do the most damage.

That’s why anyone in a committed relationship should talk to us about the four key pillars that will keep a roof over your head in even the darkest times. Some of it isn’t too pleasant to think about. But do it once, get it over with and start to enjoy true peace of mind.

Income protection insurance.
What would happen if through sickness or accident, you or your partner couldn’t work for an extended period? What would happen if your income stopped tomorrow? Suddenly, on top of the worry, you’d be faced with all the regular bills. How long would your savings last? What would happen when they run out? With income protection insurance in place, you could receive up to 75% of your income right up until you retire, no matter what age you are now. This cover might even be tax-deductible, depending on your situation.

Death insurance.
When our founder passed away, as you’d expect, Michael Murphy had death cover as well as a number of other thoughtful contingencies. Emotionally, it didn’t change much for us all, of course. But, practically, it made a huge difference. His wife didn’t have to wonder how she would pay for the funeral or the bills, immediately or for the foreseeable future. In such circumstances, the agreed lump sum payout that comes with death insurance cover can be used to finalise a mortgage or cover the missing partner’s income for many years to come. It’s a legacy that can secure a family’s financial future, when they are feeling at their most vulnerable.

Total and permanent disability cover.
Accidents can happen anywhere and at anytime. You can be fit, young and healthy. Then something happens that changes your life – and the lives of those who care for you – totally. Total and permanent disability insurance offers you consolation and a lump-sum payment to cover a loss of sight or limbs or independent existence. After all, in circumstances such as these, it’s not only you who would lose your ability to work but whoever needs to look after you, as well. On top of which, your current home may not be suitable to address your ongoing health needs, either.

Trauma insurance.
The final pillar in our personal insurance portfolio is one that surely covers the most prevalent risk because we all know someone who’s had cancer, a heart attack or a stroke. If you do, it would have also given you a front-row view of how it’s affected their lives, their careers and their families. The compound interest of this situation, however, is that the financial stress of being without an income for anyone diagnosed with one of these conditions can make the medical impact of the condition even worse. Instead, trauma insurance provides the safety valve of a lump-sum payout upon confirmation of the diagnosis, even if you are still able to work

Business insurance.

Through our own experience with the death of our founder, we can attest to the necessity of ensuring your business’s future by planning for an unfortunate eventuality.

We can cater for any enterprise, whether it’s a small to medium size, or a major corporation.

Business insurance.
The death of a partner can often spell the death of a business. Complex legalities can tie you up and take your eye off the ball while the banks fret over debt and guarantees.

In most situations, however, business insurance can save the day, with a range of covers available. For example, equity protection would allow you to buy out a deceased partner’s spouse, giving them security and freeing the remaining partners to drive the business on. In such cases, loan protection can also stop you having credit revoked, saving your hard-earned credit rating, your credibility, your goodwill and – critical of all – the delivery of your current orders.

Key-person insurance.
You may run your own business or your company may have one or more individuals who are the human face of the brand or the genius behind its intellectual property or manufacturing prowess.

Think of the consequences of losing them to illness, injury or death. Even, in the best scenario, where they’re sidelined by a lengthy illness, you’d have to cover for them by finding a replacement, training them, hoping they prove to be as good, whilst losing production, output and – potentially – customers. With key-person insurance, you can protect your business from losing money even if you lose a major contributor. It’s ridiculous to think that we might insure even our worst machines but not our best people.

Succession planning.
Again, based on our own experience, we know the value of anointing your next generation of business leaders, grooming them and giving them the experience they need to succeed, in every sense, no matter whether they’re insiders, outsiders or family.

We can analyse your business, put the hard questions to you and devise a plan that works for everybody. Whilst this is an astute strategy for any mature business, it becomes imperative for any business owners contemplating retirement to ensure that both the wealth they have created in their business translates into a tidy nest egg, and that the business can make the transition without missing a gear. For families, there may also be an opportunity to negotiate a tax-effective distribution of an estate through generational planning. On this point, you’d do well to contemplate another of Murphy’s Laws: where there’s a will, there’s a won’t.

Wealth management.

The mantra for investment has always been ‘the greater the risk, the greater the reward’. But while risk is a word that excites some, it can make others feel queasy and break into a sweat.

The truth is there’s more than one way to the top of the mountain: you can take the steep and challenging direct assault or the longer, safer route. It’s up to you. Accordingly, as part of our initial interview with you, we’ll assess your appetite for risk and we’ll articulate any potential for downside fully for those whose appetites exceed our advice. In order to make investment accessible to anyone, we do our best to demystify all the bears and bull, and develop a strategy appropriate to your situation, aims and budget.

If you don’t have a budget, we’ll help you create that, too. And for those fortunate – and astute – enough to have already created some wealth, we can help you manage it, grow it further or disperse it through the family or altruism.

Margin lending.
There is a way to supercharge a small investment budget and optimise your returns. It’s called margin lending. But what it really means is using other people’s money.

By borrowing funds to invest with your own money, you increase the size of the total asset and, thereby, attract greater rewards. We are unashamed advocates for margin lending in the appropriate situation, but, as with any investment, you need to approach it with caution and get the numbers right. If we feel it’s worth recommending to you, we’d be happy to explain it in detail.


According to Fairfax, a survey conducted in 2014 by an industry super fund found 35% of baby boomers (the generation born between 1946 to 1964) describe themselves as “completely unprepared” financially for retirement, whilst over half (51%) are “somewhat unprepared” and only a scant 14% say they are “prepared”.

Bearing out those figures, the same survey found 37% of over-50s have less than $100,000 in their superannuation funds. For many of the 1,000 people who retire each week in this country, that will leave a gaping hole in their bucket list and reliance on a Government pension that is becoming increasingly mean. If you plan to live a long life and enjoy whatever years you have after your career doing what you want to do – and have the option to change your mind and do something else – you need to take an interest in your super from day one.

If you are approaching retirement, it’s never too late to act: we can help you prepare for the transition and coax as much into your nest egg as possible.

Self-managed superannuation funds.
The ultimate in a hands-on approach to superannuation is to create a fund and direct the investments yourself. Dare we say, this is not for everyone. Managing super, or any investment, requires an astute financial reckoning and constant attention. There is also a number of strict Government rules that limit what you can and can’t do, as well as what you must do. So, for those thinking of investing in a Ferrari, please read the rules carefully. Of course, just because it’s self-managed doesn’t mean we can’t provide you with the strategic advice you need backed up by insurance to secure it.

Corporate superannuation.
If you run a business, we can help you choose and maintain a super plan that works for you, your staff and your administration. With our expertise, we can take the burden off your payroll staff, field any issues and ensure your staff know their future is in safe hands.

Contact us.

Only Murphy Financial Advice can deal with Murphy’s Law.

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